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Why the BBC Fears Android TV

The public service broadcaster quotes a report from Mediatique, a media consultancy company, on CTV gateways that stated that tech giants like Google or Apple “may accept low, no or negative margins in supplying the OS to unlock/maintain value in another segment/adjacent market.”

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Xclass Tv Review

The new look sets have a number of shortcuts to aid in content discovery, an intuitive new remote, and simple setup and controls that allow users to get started and enjoy their new big screen. It has a lot of great features that...

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Sky Glass Customers Report Their Pain

Sky has released a software fix following complaints about flickering screens, but some customers are still critical of a lack of transparency about the limitations of Sky Glass and are asking for a refund. A software update is...

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The Set Top Box Revolution

The transformation include broadband access, which is now widespread in developed countries, often exceeding the capacity of broadcast networks; new delivery technologies, such as object-based video, allow for innovative forms...

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