AVOD and FAST Take the Lead: Navigating the New Era of Advertising

Ad-supported streaming services are becoming more popular, offering cheaper and targeted content to consumers. Services like Netflix and Disney are introducing ad-supported subscriptions, alongside advancements in ad-tech to ensure ads are seen, generating more revenue from dual models. Apple is also potentially exploring an advertising product for its service. Interactive T-Commerce ads offer additional income potential.

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Report: 78% of Viewers Watching the Same Amount of FAST Content or More in 2023; Movies, Reruns Most Watched

Freevee, Pluto TV, The Roku Channel and Tubi are rising platforms with increasing user awareness. They offer commercial-free TV without costly subscription fees, from live streaming channels to movies and reruns. Freevee features ad-breaks every 15 minutes, while Pluto TV has 350+ channels, Roku 450+, and Tubi 200,000+ movies and shows. 55+ news channels are also available on Tubi. Viewers are increasing FAST content watched in 2023.

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Back to the Future

I see two main reasons why FAST might not be the savior that many believe. First, it will be hard to generate enough money only on advertising to be able to create the catalog of content that the viewers expect. But maybe more importantly, FAST doesn’t solve another main reason why people leave the linear channel packages… User Experience.

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