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Q3 National TV, Video Ads Sink 3.2%: Madison and Wall

U.S. linear TV ad spend was $61.31 billion while CTV/digital advertising saw an 11.6% increase to a total of $25.09 billion in Q3 this year. Political ad spend grew 2.5% compared to four years ago, with a major spike expected during even numbered years due to elections. Traditional sellers saw a 5.6% decline and national TV/video advertising experienced a 3.2% drop, while local TV ad spend declined 2.8%.

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Hispanics Lean into New Video Experiences, Including AR/VR, Second Screen, Shoppable TV

Hispanic consumers have increased interest in video streaming, AR/VR, second-screen activities, shoppable TV and interactive content. Second-screen platforms such as Arena offer engagement and viewership. Shoppable TV appeals to Hispanics, but security concerns remain. 25% of Hispanics are interested in interactive content, rising to 33% for those with children.

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A New Warning Sign for Pay TV Erosion

By 2024, global pay TV penetration is predicted to decline for the first time due to streaming services and expensive US bundles. Other regions like Asia-Pacific and Europe are growing, but by 2025 all areas will be affected, with North America already halving its peak of 84%. Cable companies may use custom bundles, such as Disney/Charter’s, to slow the loss of subscribers.

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